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Illustrated Maps

Our map series depicts the journey of the Prophets on a detailed and beautifully curated map to spark interest in both children's and adults' quest in learning seerah.


The maps are curated based on Stories of the Prophets by Imam Ibnu Kathir, Atlas of The Qur'an by Dr Shawqi Abu Khalil, The Sealed Nectar by Safiurrahman Mubarakpuri and Atlas of Palestine by Dr Salman Abu Sitta.

In the 25 Prophets Mega Map, the prophets' journey includes ancient cities and modern-day cities' names so it is easy for parents or educators to relate stories from seerah and modern-day geography.


An Illustrated Geography of Filastine is carefully curated to include the distinct character of Filastine in the Greater Syria province of the Ottoman Empire. The map depicts the fertile land of Filastine with wheat, barley, orchards, forests, fruit-bearing trees, vegetables and vineyards. Export and imports through the Mediterranean and pilgrims' routes from Cairo and Damascus are also shown to illustrate the strategic location of this blessed land.


An Illustrated Geography of the Hajj Route includes the route travelled by pilgrims during the blessed month of Dhul Hijjah. The Hajj Guide is also included for early learners to understand the rituals of Hajj.


An Illustrated Geography of Civilization of Faith includes the Empires and The Kingdom and the expansion of the Islamic State during the life and time of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ.

Our map collection series:

  1. An Illustrated Geography of the 25 Prophets (590 x 840 mm)

  2. An Illustrated Geography of the Hajj Route (

    420 x 594 mm)

  3. An Illustrated Journey of Al-Isra' wal Mi'raj and The Atlas of Palestine (420 x594 mm)

  4. An Illustrated Geography of the Civilization of Faith (420 x 594 mm)

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