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    SNAP! Stories and Akhlak of The Prophets - Pocket Game Prophet Yusuf a.s


    Educating our children is never easy, but worry not, The Family Storybox is here to assist you parents! 


    Each box of SNAP! Pocket Game series contains 10 x 4 pairs of beautiful, informative and interactive illustrated cards about the events occurred during the life and times of the Prophets. Be sure to collect more boxes from this series to expand your knowledge in SEERAH or to improve your short and long term memory. It is a fun game to play with all family members.


    The objective of this SNAP! Pocket Game is to get the highest combinations from events during the life of the Prophets. It can also be played as MEMORY CARD, PROPHET HUNT Games for all ages. Get the most points and win the game!

    SNAP! Prophet Yusuf

    SKU: TFS-SN-PY-01

      • Stories of the Prophet Series
      • Prophet Yusuf Snap Card Pocket Game (40 pcs)
      • Instruction Cards (4 pcs)

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