The long-awaited family activity is here!


    Looking for a fun time with the whole family to remember? Here it is! Let’s build this special mosque (Masjidil Aqsa Complex) with the whole family and remember this moment as a precious event in your family life! Once completed, don't forget to frame it in a box for family treasure!

    This is an accurate model of Masjidil Aqsa Complex based on the actual layout.

    The Night Journey (The Prophet’s Muhammad s.a.w Journey from Masjidil Haram in Makkah to Masjidil Aqsa in Palestine) Storybox is an activity box to encourage our children to become a maker ("muhandis") and at the same time learn and love seerah.

    Let's wander into the majestic journey of Al Isra' wal Mi'raj (The Night Journey) with TFS Assembly Bricks, Complete Booklet of Instruction Manual, Folding Map and Storyboard of Isra’ wal Mi’raj and The Story of Filastine*, 25 Prophets Mega Map, The Map of Filastine*, Little Musafir Passport and SNAP! Isra’ wal Mi’raj Pocket Game. Build your own Masjidil Aqsa Compex* and learn the historical events during the blessed journey of Al Isra' wal Mi'raj in our Folding Map. Have a family fun time playing Al Isra' wal Mi'raj Pocket Game at home or on the go! Then unfold the hidden stories of the Prophets in Filastine*. Learn the ultimate danger of pride and arrogance and unveil the wisdom of the early Quranic revelations of humility and gratitude in our stories of Filastine* inside the Folding Map.

    *Palestine is pronounced as "Filastine" by the natives and the Arab communities.

    With this mini-construction activity, children will continue to use their motor skills and learn useful life skills. It also boosts their problem-solving skills especially with a graphical instruction set, helps with their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. It is also a great gift idea for your extended family members.

    This project, when completed can be framed for your house decoration or frame as a family keepsake.




    Masjidil Aqsa Assembly Bricks

    2848 Micro Size Assembly Bricks Complete with Instruction Booklet

    (Assembled size 26 x 39 x 5 cm)

    An Illustrated Geography of Al Isra’ wal Mi’raj and The Story of Filastine (20 Colorful Pages)

    SNAP! Isra’ wal Mi’raj Pocket Game

    The 25 Prophets Mega Map in A1 Size

    The Map of Filastine in A2 Size

    Little Musafir Passport


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    The Night Journey Storybox

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