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2 RabiulAwwal

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim. Assalamualaikum wbt my dear brothers and sisters.

Do we still remember on this date, thousand years ago, our beloved Prophet Muhammad ﷺ was taking refuge in the Cave of Thawr with his dear companion, Sayyidina Abu Bakr R.A. May Allah bless our Prophet ﷺ and his fellow companions for all the struggles and efforts they made in order for us to have Islam.

On 26th Safar, 622 C.E, the Quraisy comes to a decision to kill the Prophet ﷺ and they plotted the agenda. However, Allah S.W.T sent down Jibreel A.S. to reveal the plot to Prophet ﷺ and gave him Allah’s permission to leave Makkah.

“And (remember) when the disbelievers plotted against you (O Muhammad) to imprison you, or to kill you, or to get you out (from your home, i.e Makkah); they were plotting and Allah too was planning, and Allah is the Best of Planners” [8:30]

Let’s take a look at this journey of Hijrah together, from the moment Prophet Muhammad ﷺ received permission from Allah, until he reaches Yathrib. Did you know that the characters and demeanours of our beloved Prophet ﷺ were best described by a Bedouin woman he met during this blessed journey? This woman known as Umm Ma’bad had an eloquent description of Rasulullah ﷺ that it is still referred to until now, after 1400 years.

And in remembrance of Hijrah, we are happy to announce that another 3D puzzle under The Holy Mosque Construction Series - AL MASJID AN NABAWI is now officially released! More information will be published in the next post!


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