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Sewing Project

Sewing Project with Sew-Easy Storybox is an activity box to encourage our children and young adults to practice the basics of sewing.


Inspired by Prophet Idris (AS), we would love to share a simple sewing technique using a backstitch method. In this series, the backstitch will be done on a decorative pre-cut pocket and jute bags with ready-made holes. Your children can follow the simple instructions to sew the Jute Bag's pocket from our fun instruction manual and later use the Jute Bag for routine groceries, picnics or school activities!


Our Sewing Project from Sew-Easy theme collections:

  1. Nablus, Palestine

  2. Masjidil Aqsa

  3. Hajj Journey

  4. Hijrah Route

  5. Muhammad ﷺ:The Early Years

  6. Colourful Journey of Prophet Yusuf (AS)

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